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Why Homework Matters – Seven Facts To Motivate You

Everyone would love to spend the evening lazing on the coach or watching his favorite movie. However, there are assignments to be done. The question is that, since there are professional writers who get paid to do homework, is there a need of a student wasting his time while someone else can do it on his behalf? Well the answer lies in looking at the benefits of handling the assignment instead of hiring professional writers.

  1. Will boost your memory and thinking
  2. Assignments give you an opportunity to remember what was taught in class. It also gives you a chance to apply what was taught in a different scenario. This requires a great deal of memory and critical thinking. You will need this memory when sitting for a test at the end of the unit. Whenever I would get help with my math homework I would find the topic difficult to handle during the exam.

  3. Teaches you to be self reliant
  4. Help is good because it enables you to complete the work faster and also get a better grade. However, you will be relying on the brains and assistance of another person. This is not the best approach since your brain will fail to be independent. You will even stop working hard since you will know that someone can always do your math homework. However, when you tackle the assignment, you enhance your ability to handle such a question even when it appears during a test. This is a skill you will need later in life.

  5. Good for speed work
  6. Tests are always limited in terms of time. Use the assignment to sharpen your speed skills. Speed is closely linked to mastery of a subject. When you exercise intensely through the assignment, it becomes easier to work on the same topic during a test.

  7. A chance to review what you covered in class
  8. Assignments are always based on areas covered in class. Use the assignment to revisit what was learnt in class. When I get help with my math homework I have no time to review the examples that the teacher gave in class. This causes a student to remain behind the others.

  9. Learn to use resources like calculators, computers and subject tools with no hurry
  10. There is little time in class to learn how to use all apparatus and resources. At home, you are alone and have a few exercises to complete. You can practice on the calculator, computer, solver and other apparatus required for class work until you get the idea. It will be easier to use these apparatus during an exam.

  11. Enables you to learn more than you did in class
  12. Teachers only have a few minutes to show examples. They do not cover much in class. Using the assignment, you can cover a wider area. It prepares you better for the examination.

  13. Gauge your mastery
  14. Examples in class are completed by the teacher or with his guidance. If you want to test your understanding, do it with the assignment where no one is providing assistance. It will prove vital during a test.

When I did not allow anyone to do my homework I realized that the topics were easy during a test. It also gives a student confidence to work on questions alone. This is the best preparation you can have for the inevitable tests.

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